During the week of the pilgrimage, help may be available for those pilgrims who require assistance to and from the scheduled services highlighted on the pilgrimage programme.

We have a team of adult helpers and members of the Youth Section who assist with outreach during the pilgrimage week. They will collect you and your wheelchair from your hotel ready for Mass or a Pilgrimage Service and then make sure that you get back to your hotel afterwards. Then again if there is another event on the daily programme they will call to collect you and then return you afterwards.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a full-time outreach service to the hotels, only at certain times of the day.

If you need assistance throughout the whole day, it would be better for you to bring someone with you to Lourdes, as a carer, who can be there to help you; or alternatively, you should consider applying for a place in the Accueil Marie St Frai where you will have 24 hour assistance.