We are going to Lourdes in 2023!

Plans and preparations are taking place for the Hexham and Newcastle Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes next summer from Friday 28th July to Friday 4th August 2023. Pilgrims and volunteers are invited to express their interest in attending by completing the form below.

By registering, you agree to be contacted with further details about the forthcoming pilgrimage.

Please note this is an expression of interest form only and no guarantees can be made at present in terms of travel or numbers until further information has been collated.

Please note that the total number of Assisted Pilgrims that we can safely care for depends upon our commitment from registered helpers including medical, youth and adult volunteers. We will be able to confirm places at a later date.

It is very important that we collate all expressions of interest in advance in order to make future decisions. Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Please return this form no later than

24th October 2022

Via email to: lourdes@rcdhn.org.uk

Or by post to:

Lourdes Pilgrimage Office

St. Hilda’s Resource Centre, St. Cuthbert’s House, West Road,

Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE15 7PY

Thank you very much for your support.