How to get to Lourdes

The Hexham and Newcastle Pilgrimage offers three different options of travelling to Lourdes …

  1. By Air from Newcastle Airport directly to Lourdes [Tarbes] Airport. We then provide transfers by coach [all included in the overall cost] to the hotel of your choice from the hotels listed or to the Accueil Marie St Frai.
  2. By Jumbulance.  This is a form of travel for all sick and assisted pilgrims who are unable to fly. We offer a limited numbers of places for this travel on a coach that has been specially adapted to take disabled and assisted pilgrims.
  3. By coach. This is the option of travel for all our Youth Section. All those from ages 16-25 who officially travel as part of the Youth Section of the Pilgrimage travel by Express coach, via ferry across the English Channel and return the same way.

Many people travel independently to Lourdes but unfortunately, apart from our charter flights, there are no direct flights to Lourdes from the North East. There is a regular flight with Ryanair from Stansted; otherwise you have to fly from a local airport and then find a connecting flight to Lourdes, Pau or Toulouse, via Heathrow, Gatwick, Amsterdam or Paris. Other options may be available.