Music on a pilgrimage to Lourdes is very important – it forms a very important part of our liturgical celebrations, and it is also a big factor in some of our social events while in Lourdes, so if you are musical or play an instrument and are coming on pilgrimage, we need your skills and talents.


Masses and Liturgical Celebrations


The music that we provide at Mass has always proven to be a talking point on our pilgrimage, and we have been very blessed over many years to have a very successful music group and choir on our pilgrimage and their leadership of our music at Mass has proved extremely popular, not just with our own pilgrims, but with other pilgrims passing by that have stopped to listen!

So we invite you to get involved. In the weeks before we go to Lourdes there will be some music practices for the pilgrimage. Father Shaun Purdy , who leads our music in Lourdes, will be arranging several music practices and they will be advertised here and in our newsletter and we invite you to join in those practices and to be involved as a musician or in the Choir while in Lourdes.

If you would like further information about this you can contact Fr Shaun Purdy on Tel. 01670 812200.

Social Evenings and Activities

We try to provide some music at our social events for our sick pilgrims in the Accueil Marie St Frai and also if we go out to the Lac de Lourdes or the Cite St Pierre, so if you can play an instrument or can sing and would like to get involved helping with social activities please let us know.  We’re always looking for musical talents to help with our social evenings and events so let us know what you can do.