When does the Pilgrimage go to Lourdes?

Lourdes13The Hexham and Newcastle Diocesan Pilgrimage aims to go to Lourdes every year.

We always aim to travel by air from Newcastle Airport to Lourdes on the last Friday of July, returning to the North East one week later on the following Friday.

The Jumbulance always leaves the Diocese on the Thursday before the last Friday of the month of July; it leaves Lourdes on the following Friday when the flights depart, but actually returns to the diocese on the Saturday morning.

The Youth Coaches also leave on the Thursday morning, before the Friday flights; leaving Lourdes the following Friday and getting back to the North East on the Saturday morning.

For those who like to plan ahead …. These are the dates we will be hoping to travel for the next few years …



OUTBOUND TRAVEL                                       RETURN

Depart Newcastle Airport Friday 26th July          Depart Lourdes Friday 2nd August

Youth Section – depart Thursday 25th July – depart Lourdes Friday 2nd August




Depart Newcastle Airport  Friday 31st July         Depart Lourdes Friday 7th August