Booking Forms

Booking Forms for the 2019 Pilgrimage are now available.  You can ring Tangney Tours (01732 886 666) and ask for them to send you a form.

We also offer a PDF version below on this page that you can download and print off for completion.

This will be available soon

You can also book directly online at the Tangney Tours website …..

If you are coming as a Helper on the Pilgrimage … either as an Adult Helper, a Nurse, a doctor, you need to complete the Tangney Tours Forms to book your flight and accommodation, BUT YOU ALSO NEED TO REGISTER AS A HELPER, using the forms available on the page “Helpers Registration Forms”

Those needing Assistance of Nursing Care should contact the Pilgrimage Office for an Application Form

Youth Section should contact Fr McCoy at St Hilda’s, Sunderland, 0191 548 6839, for an Application Form


If you have difficulties you can ring the Pilgrimage Director (01670 513 410) who will inform you what to do to get a booking form.