As the lead doctor for the Diocesan Pilgrimage, I am responsible for overseeing the provision of medical care. We are keen to recruit established doctors to the pilgrimage to provide clinical care to all members.

Our main role is to support the assisted pilgrims, of which there are usually about 40, but our role extends to cover everyone requiring medical input or assessment. This year there were 600 pilgrims in total and we had 6 doctors to provide care which worked well. A rota operates at night and we plan to do the same for days once we know how many of us there are each year.

We take a limited supply of equipment including a defibrillator, IV fluids and both IV and oral drug therapy to deal with most medical emergencies. We ensure that there is medical presence in the Acceuil each morning and evening for consultations, and at every formal event within the pilgrimage program. In addition, we attend hotels and the youth on request. This can constitute a sizeable proportion of the consultations.

We work closely with the Nursing Staff and have started regular team meetings to provide feedback. We welcome anyone interested in joining us to make contact via our piplgrimage email address and your details will be forwarded